Rainmaking Colab FAQs

1. Who is Rainmaking?

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs. We create positive change through entrepreneurship. We give corporates the mindset, skills and confidence to ideate, create and scale new business.


We run startups and projects in over 40 countries, and every year we facilitate 1,250+ startup events with 100,000+ participants across the world. Our global network provides us with first-hand access to innovative startups and early-stage companies in every major startup ecosystem worldwide. 

2. What is Rainmaking Colab?

Rainmaking Colab is a new model for a changing market. It provides established industry players early access to relevant growth stage startups. Through a theme based innovation program based in New York and London, Rainmaking Colab is designed to equip corporates in mature markets with the capability to create engagement and solve real business problems. Created in 2017 by the founders of Rainmaking and Startupbootcamp FinTech, and powered by a global network of entrepreneurs, partners and mentors, Rainmaking Colab will bring together startups, industry leading companies, investors and mentors in a new format.

3. Why is a new model required?

Startups remain relevant for the financial industry, and growing numbers of established players engage startups via hackathons, accelerators and competitions. Increasingly startups and financial institutions see each other as potential partners – and less as competitors – as more startups are developing solutions at the core of the industry that can help established players cut costs and develop new service offerings. Startups can address business problems in ways that existing organisations struggle to do internally.


However, mature markets like New York and London, are experiencing accelerator fatigue with multiple accelerators per market, and therefore require a new engagement model. Later stage startups can be put-off by the traditional accelerator model which takes equity and demands a 3-month relocation.


Established players have moved on from “just” wanting to meet & greet early stage startups. The focus is now on creating real projects together, and this requires later stage startups with proven technology and business models.

4. What is the new model?

The new model is a theme-based industry innovation program, providing established players with the capability to create real engagement with later stage companies. Focused themes allow for targeted sourcing of external innovation and deeper insights into specific sectors within FinTech, whilst ensuring that partners of the program can engage different business units and solve specific problems.

5. What does the program do?

Rainmaking Colab allows corporates within an industry to connect to relevant later stage startups, sourced in waves around targeted themes. The program helps startups develop their commercial relationships with large organisations, and provides additional introductions to relevant mentors and investors.

6. How are the partners involved?

Each program will partner with several corporate and financial services organisations. The partners will benefit from working with startups focused on areas of FinTech of most relevance to their businesses. The partners will define the theme for each cycle based on specific industry problems and opportunities to be addressed.

7. How will you decide the themes and what will they be?

Themes could range from anything around wealth management to regulatory tech, from robo advisory to trading technology. The partners will define the theme based on specific industry problems and opportunities to be addressed.

8. Who is leading the program?

Leading FinTech names are behind the creation of Rainmaking Colab: Nektarios Liolios, co-founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp FinTech and partner at Rainmaking; Adrian Johnson will lead the program in New York. Adrian was formerly MD for SBC FinTech in Mumbai, and Helene Panzarino joins Rainmaking to lead the London program.

9. How can I get involved?

If you would like to partner with the program or get involved through mentorship or as a later stage startup interested in the program, please get in touch via Colab@rainmaking.io.